How to find fair Roulette games online

By 21 January 2021

If at first you are a little confused looking at all the casino offers, this is quite normal. There are so many games on offer usually that it can be very overwhelming for new customers. But with it is at least a bit easier for you to find your way through or out of this sheer jungle of games and promotions.

So many games available

Always pay the utmost attention to every detail you can find out about the games. Roulette does not mean that every single game works exactly the same. In fact, there are some details you absolutely have to know about, because otherwise you could soon be in trouble. Or at least your bank account will be, because you may lose a lot of money very quickly.

  • Beware of trap doors
  • Always play responsibly

What may look attractive and lucrative on the label could very soon become a nightmare for you. So your first steps should always be untertaken under the safety of a game's demo version. Luckily, most casinos and most developers know this and will let you test these Roulette games for free, just like they would let you test slots for free.

Get to know the games

Generally, there are two or three main types of Roulette you would have to know to feel safe. One is American Roulette, the less advantageous variety of the game for players. It has a higher house edge, because it does not only have a 0 that belongs to the dealer, but also a 00 field, which belongs to the dealer as well.

On the other hand, we have the European and French versions of the game. They bring you slightly higher chances of winning and may thus perceived to be fairer. But beware of them too, because also with these kinds of Roulette you may not always win. In fact, the more risk you take, the more you are going to lose - always.

How to spot a rip-off

No casino in the world would ever tell you that it happily rips its customers off. But still, it happens from time to time. Bad casinos would however also have bad reputations amongst the many reviewers and on the respective websites. Add to that the difficulties such casinos have in obtaining a reputable licence from a reliable authority for their operations.

Generally speaking, the more a casino has to hide away, the further away you should stay from it. Don't get caught in trying to prove your point if you have trouble with such casinos. Just don't even let it come as far as that. Luckily, once a casino is identified as a scam, the respective information usually spreads rather quickly around the internet.

  • Beware of casino scams
  • Be careful about paying money for games


Dangerous signs in Roulette

In an online casino, a bad game of Roulette can be one where for example the random number generator is not certified or just lacks quality. The result are numbers that are a far cry from random and an algorithm that might even be read by the players. These could the apply the right bets at the right time and always claim wins.

In a land-based casino, the dangers are usually mechanical. A badly calibrated or balanced Roulette wheel would always lead to the same results. Leaning to one side means that the numbers in exactly that direction are highly favoured, while others would have hardly a chance to see the ball during the game. Frequent checks of the materials are thus very important for fair games.

  • Random number generators guarantee fair games
  • Technology should be reliable

It's not all about the danger

Lastly, there is not only danger and agony involved with Roulette. A well-polished Roulette wheel in action is an absolute beauty to see. With it comes an ambiance around the table or in the chatroom of a live game that is very hard to beat. "Rien ne va plus!" the dealer says - and then the tension builds until the ball lands in one of the pockets.

These brief moments of tension can feel like an eternity. Have you made the right calls? Haven't you put a bit too much money on that one number that you think might come next? Or are you just going the safe way of calling either black or red numbers? Either way, you are always well off with a game of Roulette, but beware of the dangers!